If you want to stay a leader in the movie exhibition industry, you better be innovative and pay close attention to what the data is telling you. Carrie Trotter, VP of Marketing Solutions at AMC Theatres, addressed the company’s goals and marketing tactics to a room of AMA Wichita members at Aloft on March 15.

With AMC Northrock 14 opening soon, the company is well aware of their goal to provide an enhanced movie viewing experience unmatched by their competition. In order to set itself apart, AMC has positioned themselves in the industry as an innovative company that is always thinking about how to wow guests.

During Trotter’s presentation she noted AMC’s marketing team focuses on a three-tiered strategy: enhance, engage, and expand to “hit every touch point possible.”

AMC does this by deploying more plush power-recliner seats, delivering enhanced food and beverage choices, generating guest engagement through its Stubs loyalty program, web site and smart phone apps, offering premium large format experiences and playing a wide variety of content including the latest Hollywood releases and independent programming.

AMC pays close attention to the demographics of their audience and uses the data to drive their marketing tactics.

“We’ve got to make it a standout experience,” Trotter said. “We have to see how guests interact and get a good look at who our guests are and elevate the user experience.”

Trotter said that the company’s research revealed that their highest conversion tactic was email campaigns over other methods of marketing.
To prepare for their grand opening, Trotter’s team has worked with Wichita’s Intake Studios and Sullivan Higdon and Sink for video and promotional materials.

While the marketing preparation for a grand opening might overwhelm others, Trotter is having a blast.

“I’m so passionate about this. It’s so much fun to be a part of the creating the escape when people come to the movies.”

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