We can't wait to see you for the Wichita Marketing Awards!

AMA Wichita is excited to announce “The Art of Marketing” a gallery-style event celebrating great work from Wichita’s finest marketers. Gather your marketing-obsessed friends and colleagues for a special early-evening celebration to remember right here in Wichita.

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2023 Award Categories

Small firm, small budget?  This is your chance to showcase how smart marketing efforts don’t always come with a large price tag.  We invite our small businesses and their agencies to highlight their best projects in the small business marketing category.

Your brand is well-known, and your audience is expansive.  How is your marketing team making waves in your industry?  From full integrated marketing campaigns to targeted niche promotions, we would love to hear about your best projects.

As a non-profit marketer, your heart is big and your passion for spreading the word about your charity’s mission is priority #1.  Share with us your best project, event, sponsorship drive or brand awareness campaign that elevated your group’s brand and increased support for your non-profit organization.

How is your brand creating a consistent, seamless and multi-dimensional brand experience for your consumer?  The combination across television, radio, print, digital and in-person can set your strategy apart from the competition.  Share with us your best campaigns that integrate multiple channels while keeping your brand’s ultimate messaging intact.

A new product launch is a crucial stage in the product roadmap.  What steps did you take to build awareness and excitement for your new product or service?  From ideation to release, want to know how you delivered the best possible results for the firm.

The digital world is changing every minute and the audience is always growing.  How are you taking advantage of these tools to reach your ideal consumer?  Whether the campaign is for retention, conversion or acquisition, submit your unique campaign utilizing all things digital.

How do people form relationships with your brand?  With an effective brand engagement strategy, you’ll ensure an emotional attachment that will attract and retain customers, leading to sales, awareness and customer loyalty.  Provide us how are you getting your brand to the forefront of consumer minds?

We’re finally in-person again and creating remarkable experiences for customers.  Using events as a marketing channel gives potential customers a unique, firsthand interaction with your company, giving them a true sense of its focus, perspective and personality. Share how you are utilizing event marketing in your overall strategy.

Change is inevitable and marketers are natural at seeing obstacles as opportunities to try something new.  When faced with unexpected challenges, both internal and external, it’s often necessary to reevaluate marketing objectives and business goals.  Submit your best ‘pivot’ strategy that wowed your client.

2022 Award Winners

2022 Marketer of the Year!

Kindra Goertzen, United Way of the Plains