AMA Volunteer Statement of Beliefs

AMA Wichita is committed to providing opportunities for professional growth and community development through volunteer positions in our chapter.

Volunteers represent a key strategic asset of the AMA and serve by guiding content delivered to members and ensuring content is relevant to our members.

In recognition of the importance of volunteers to the organization, the AMA:

  • treats volunteers as partners
  • supports volunteers with appropriate resource
  • responds to requests thoroughly and in a timely manner
  • truly appreciates the work done on behalf of AMA
  • acknowledges the contributions made to the organization
  • regularly thanks them for efforts

AMA Wichita invites all members to be actively involved in our chapter. Numerous volunteer opportunities exist at both the local and the national level that will expand your marketing network and knowledge while supporting the marketing profession.

Volunteer Opportunities

Membership Committee
Do you enjoy meeting new people and helping visitors network successfully? Become an AMA Wichita chapter ambassador or assist our VP of Membership and Director of Retention in serving, recruiting and retaining members.
Director of Volunteers
Board Position for July 2018 – June 2019
Do you have leadership experience or the ability to follow-through with tasks in a timely manner? AMA Wichita is looking for a motivated, friendly and professional director of volunteers to recruit and connect volunteers to opportunities to serve on the board or on committees.
Vice President of Programming
Board Position for July 2018-June 2019
AMA Wichita’s programming is the core of our service to members. Monthly luncheons feature a balance of national and regional marketing leaders with local marketing professionals. Topics are guided by the national AMA Intellectual Agenda—7 Big Problems of Marketing—and our chapter members’ areas of interest. The VP of Programming works closely with the AMA Wichita President, President-Elect and other key board members and is responsible for planning, booking and coordinating speakers for 11 luncheons throughout the year. As a key member of the board, the VP of Programming is also expected to attend the national AMA Leadership Summit, April 27-29, 2018 in Chicago.
Programming Committee
Are you interested in finding and securing great local venues for our luncheons? Helping to coordinate catering? Arriving early or staying late to assist with luncheon hosting duties? The AMA Wichita Programming Committee is led by the VP of Programming. The committee is responsible for the AMA’s most important function—hosting valuable speakers to help our membership more effectively serve as marketers, and network opportunities to meet other area marketers.
Finance Committee
Do you work in the area of finance or have experience with budgeting? The AMA Wichita Finance Committee is led by the Treasurer. The committee assists the Treasurer in financial planning, budgeting, expense tracking, member payments and sponsor payments. Working with the committee you will help AMA Wichita achieve greater financial success, helping to bring more speakers, programs, professional development and scholarship opportunities to our members.

Ready to volunteer?