“Customer service is not a department, it is an attitude. It happens before, during and after the sale. It is every one of us all the time, every time.” ~Director of Retail Development in North America for STAINMASTER® brand

Pami Bhullar, Director of Retail Development in North America for STAINMASTER® brand, shared with our local AMA chapter the Joy of Customer Experience (CX) and what CX is all about: people and emotions.

Pami from the start was inspirational and passionate. He instantly captured our hearts and attention with his earnest disposition and lighthearted wit.

Star Lumber in Wichita, KS, set the familiar stage for Pami as he shared his over 39 years of experience with us. He started the presentation with the facts: 75% of CX is based on emotions.

Customer experience is more than just a product or price tag; it’s a feeling of connection that stays in customers’ minds and hearts. It is the perception or reality of receiving more than the customer expected. And it has proven time and time again that customers are willing to pay more to have this experience.

To achieve this level of customer satisfaction, Pami emphasized that every department from pre-purchase, pursual, and post-purchase must be on the same page. We must relate to our customers on an emotional and empathetic level in order to reach peak customer experience, and the only way we do that is by working as a seamless entity.

The marketing department, sales team, customer service, and everyone in-between must work as a cohesive unit and have the same level of expectations organization-wide.

He rounded out the conversation with keys for success and tips for customer satisfaction. “The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is the little extra you add,” says Pami. “You only need to do a little extra than your competitors.”

Minor adjustments every day will build success and satisfaction, whether it’s tweaking your messaging or creating that special touch at the end of a sale like a thank you card.

Pami then closed with his ten two-letter words behind success: “If it is to be, it is up to me.

If you’re interested in more from Pami, watch his video series Pami Talks.

Sydney Runyan
BG Products, Inc.

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