Mystery, Magic & Method Behind Designing Great Logos

Bill Gardner pulls back the curtain.

In his newest book Logo Creed, Bill puts designers directly in touch with strong mentors who speak candidly about the processes that lead to successful designs.  Throughout his presentation, Bill will offer even more examples of logos that have stood the test of time, and explain how to achieve that status while also making your clients successful.

And speaking of clients, Bill will show you how to move throughout the design process in ways that engage your clients and deliver results.  He’ll begin by navigating the discovery process – from research, reading the air for clues, and making the best use of budgets, to knowing what sort of mark to create.

From there, you’ll move into development, where you will learn how to identify the most potent ideas, brainstorm effectively by yourself or with others, recognize the components of great logos, and understand how to distill ideas down to the very best solution.

Finally, you will move into the delivery process, where you will learn to build brand DNA, craft presentations for specific situations and clients, tell the brand story, and keep your designs vital and alive even after they leave your hands.

About Bill Gardner, Owner and President of Gardner Design

Bill Gardner, Owner and President of Gardner DesignBill Gardner is the owner and president of Gardner Design, a corporate/brand identity firm that has produced effective and award winning results for clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to single-store boutiques.

The founder of – the international, searchable compendium of logos – Bill authored the affiliated best selling LogoLounge Volumes 1-8 and Master Library Volumes 1-4 book series for Rockport Publishers.

Summer 2013 marked the release of the highly anticipated Logo Creed, Bill’s first design foundation textbook for students, educators and professionals alike.

Bill also judges design competitions and speaks nationally and internationally on identity trends and logo development. He is the author of the annual LogoLounge Logo Trend Report, published each May by multiple industry publications.

In his spare time, Bill serves on several community boards and has completed a six-year term as the Territorial Vice President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

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