Gladiators of Marketing 2014 Marketer of the Year

Ladies and Gentlemen, Gladiators of Marketing –

You know who you are.

When the challenge is set before you, to make your sales team stronger, you deliver with point-of-sale displays, with direct mail, and effective advertising.

When the challenge is set before you, to engage your customers and increase their loyalty, you respond with Social Media, with email, and with offers and incentives they can’t refuse.

When the challenge is set before you, to improve your product’s qualities, to lower your product’s prices, to deliver your products just in time to meet customer needs – you rise to the occasion, keyboard in hand, with market research, and you navigate the dark corridors filled with engineering teams, legal advisors, cost accountants and other treacheries lurking to sideline your efforts.

When you must increase sales, or donations and profits, you are the face of the company, with website design, with annual reports, with radio and TV, and with the almighty claws of Search Engine Optimization.

Yes, YOU are the Gladiators of Marketing, YOU are the warriors with creative force, and with the sword of communication, you get your company’s name and messages heard above the din in the busy, noisy marketplace.

All of us our gladiators of marketing, we each have special projects we’ve put a lot of work into, in order to represent our companies and organizations in the best light possible, to help our companies survive, and thrive in a marketplace that’s become more noisy, and more competitive.

Now is the time to earn recognition for your marketing projects, and to earn even more fame for your agency, your organization or your business.

Now is the time to enter Wichita AMA’s MAX Awards. It’s easy to do.   Submit your entries here.

Entries are due by April 18, but don’t wait until the last minute to get your entries in.  Enter today at

All entries will be judged by the Omaha Chapter of the American Marketing Association – a chapter that’s well recognized for outstanding achievement in the AMA organization.  Winners will be announced by Wichita’s own Sierra Scott, star and producer of It’s All Good, and awards will be presented at our June meeting, being held this year at Wichita State.

And, as you submit your entries, think of the one other marketer in your life, who you would nominate for Marketer of the Year.  Nominate that person for Marketer of  the Year, regardless if you enter the MAX Awards.  Self nominations are also welcome.  Your favorite marketers  (including yourself) can be nominated on our website-nominate here.

Gladiators, you still have time to enter your work, and to nominate a fellow marketer.