A Year of Accomplishments for WAMA

The WAMA board of directors has been pursuing a number of initiatives to become more connected to our WAMA membership. Most recently we assigned each member to a board member representative. If you have questions about WAMA your board member representative would be a good person to contact. We want you to know more about what’s going on in the WAMA boardroom. We also have published our bylaws on our new website. Monthly minutes will also be available for members to review.

Here are a few of the accomplishments made by the 2012-13, WAMA Board of Directors thus far this year. Let’s keep in touch.

Board Accomplishments in 2013:

  • Average number of members per month is 80 members through February, 2013
  • Average attendance is 48 people per luncheon meeting through February, 2013
  • Retained financial assets maintained at a constant level
  • Established “Passion” as the WAMA theme for 2013
  • Updated bylaws and board member job descriptions
  • Created new organizational chart based on new board positions
  • Executive Committee meetings held monthly via Skype
  • Several new board members and board chairpersons recruited
    committees established
  • WAMA Thunder Night offered as a benefit to WAMA members
  • One board member recognized at each luncheon meeting as board member of the month
  • Started monthly 7 am social events at Watermark Books and Cafe
  • Development of Past Presidents Council and held annual breakfast meeting
  • Adopted new report documents including a dashboard and strategic planning scorecard
  • Adopted past president lunch benefit policy
  • Creation of a succession plan worksheet
  • Monthly update of event invitation lists for both members and non-members
  • Adoption of board member representatives assigned to every WAMA member
  • Sponsorship plan presented and under review
  • Student member scholarship program established
  • Started a meeting give-a-way at each meeting
  • New table material designed for programs and memberships
  • Past program photos presentation shown prior to some luncheon meetings
  • Distribute meeting evaluation surveys online
  • Created a new and improved WAMA website
  • Revised Marketer of the Year MAX Awards event