Let's celebrate your incredible work.

No doubt 2020 was a challenging year. It was a year full of change, keeping each other safe, and shifts in day-to-day routines that forced marketers to consider long-held strategies and devise new approaches in short order.

We want to highlight and celebrate the incredible work you did in 2020 (and 2019—we’ll consider both since we didn’t get a chance to last year)! To make things easy, we’ve streamlined the entry process by creating a single checkout form followed by a single form you can fill out for each submission. Pay for as many submissions as you’d like to include and then submit your entries.

This year, you can submit the same entry across multiple categories. Select the categories your entry applies to on the entry submission form and we’ll consider it for each. Also, we also added a new category for 2020—COVID Pandemic Response.

Entries close on April 30th at midnight.

Entries for this year's WMA ceremony is now closed. We look forward to seeing your fantastic marketing work next year!