The Wichita Independent Business Association (WIBA) is an organization that connects people, provides expertise, opportunities, and an influential voice to help businesses thrive.

We are seeking a seasoned, energetic, and vibrant executive to serve as President of our organization.

The President of WIBA serves as the chief executive of this nonprofit. In this role you will have active management of the affairs of the Association including Administration, Staff Management and Development, Financial, Membership, and Governmental Affairs. You will recommend and participate in the formulation of new policies and makes decisions within existing policies as approved by the Board of Directors. This is a full time direct hire position with benefits.


  • Official voice and representative of the association in the Wichita business community.
  • Manages and supervises all staff personnel. Responsible for the effective performance and development of the staff, which is in the best interest of achieving the goals of the Association.
  • Maintains the financial management issues of the Association including planning, purchasing, receipts, disbursements, reports, and analysis.
  • Develops and recommends an annual budget for consideration and approval by the Board of Directors. Upon budget approval, operates within the adopted budget.
  • Ensures that all funds, physical assets, and other property of the Association are appropriately administered, maintained, and safeguarded.
  • Develops specific policies, procedures, and programs to implement the general policies established by the Board of Directors.
  • Fully informs the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors concerning the conditions and operations of the Association and on all significant factors pertaining to the operation.
  • Serves as primary liaison between the Board of Directors and the City of Wichita for the Business Growth Initiative.
  • Monitors and reports all legislative and political activities and issues which may impact the interests of the Association and its members, assisting the Government Affairs Committee as needed.
  • Manages and directs staff to ensure the effectiveness of the legislative program.
  • Attends meetings and hearings of interest to the membership and assists members who attend.
  • Provides the necessary liaison and staff support to committee chairs and committees to enable them to properly perform their functions.
  • Maintains official minutes of the Executive Committee and other official meetings of the Association.
  • Plans, promotes, and facilitates all official meetings of the Association.
  • Promotes interest and active participation in the Association’s activities.
  • Maintains membership records and administers dues and all other assessments.


• Self-motivated with creativity and a passion to drive the organization forward.
• Charismatic and transformational leadership style.
• Excellent communication and listening skills.
• Relationship and coalition building acumen.
• Effective public speaking skills.
• Management of business and financial resources.
• Proficient with Microsoft Office applications.
• Adaptability and flexibility.
• Ability to maintain confidentiality.


• A minimum of five (5) years of business leadership or ownership experience required.
• Active local community involvement with a far-reaching business network of contacts and acquaintances is strongly preferred.
• Non-profit management experience preferred.
• Supervisory experience is required.
• Bachelor’s Degree required, MBA or higher preferred.


Please apply for this position as follows:

1. Single page cover letter explaining how you would excel in this position.
2. Detailed resume in a pdf document attachment.
3. References to include three professional and two personal, or more.
4. Your salary expectations.
5. Reply to

Apply for this job

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