Join our Team! Does it invigorate you to innovate and think outside of the box? Do you get excited when you discover a new series of analytics? Do you see UX or ads and automatically imagine ways to make it better? Then, you’ll want to keep reading, because we want you on our team!

Newton Medical Center offers a family friendly environment with the latest technology and a knowledgeable staff. Here you’ll find all departments work together as a team to live out our core values: respect, excellence, service, trust and transparency.


The Digital Marketing Specialist is responsible for leading the successful strategy, development and management of multi-channel digital marketing including, but not limited to: online, mobile, social, email, text, search, display, interactive, platform integration and digital content development. This position serves as a bridge between IT, Informatics, service line and clinic leadership and marketing to effectively evolve, optimize and support the NMC’s advanced digital presence and marketing technologies.

DEPARTMENT:  Marketing & Communications
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