Director of Marketing Communications

This position is responsible for developing plans to meet WFI’s organizational goals.
The director will define and manage:

1) the marketing and promotional needs of WFI;
2) the selection and marketing of WFI merchandise/souvenirs; and 3) assist in
securing funding for the organization. This position will also serve as supervisor of
the Social Media Specialist/Graphic Designer.




1. Create and implement an annual marketing plan and budget to include the following:

  • Advertise, media and social plan for all festivals and events
  • Artwork theme and image for Riverfest
  • Website plan
  • Merchandise/Souvenir Sales
  • Communication mechanisms
  • Promotional plan for all revenue generating activities

2. Assist in development of major communication pieces in coordination with
3. Maintain and update all social media outlets.
4. Create and implement advertising campaign to market Riverfest buttons to
group/corporate clients, the general public through retail locations, event attendees
and on the Web site.
5. Outline and determine the annual Riverfest button message, used in promotional
print and advertising mediums and develop promotional plan for other revenue
generating activities. Assist social media specialist/graphic designer in development
of these materials.
6. Secure media partners for all WFI events and develop contracts outlining obligations
of each. Monitor and track media campaign schedule.
7. Manage all communication with news media including scheduling interviews, press
releases and press conferences.
8. Monitor progress on the Web site plan as executed by the Social Media
Specialist/Graphic Designer.
9. Develop and manage brand image for WFI, its events, related materials, signage,
Web site, merchandise, décor and Riverfest poster artwork.
10. Manage festival merchandise and souvenir designs based on graphic standards.
11. Secure cash and inkind sponsors to offset marketing expenses.
12. Serve as organization spokesperson when needed.
13. Utilize volunteers to further planning in all areas of responsibility.
14. Identify and implement research needed to further annual and strategic goals.
15. Participate in Marketing team planning and organization.
16. Supervise Social Media Specialist/Graphic Designer position.


If interested in applying, please send your resume to