Content Marketing Internship

As a paid intern, you will have the audience and resources to create and implement authentic, fun, compelling and trending content for multiple platforms. Short form video, photography, copy writing and social media management experience will help set you apart post-college with tangible projects and analytics that you can use to build your portfolio.

Although we are open to someone with experience managing a brand, what we are looking for is someone who loves social media and knows the platforms as both a consumer and a creator. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok are our primary accounts. Email marketing will also be an important tool that you will gain experience with during the internship. Because much of our social media centers on events, exhibits, shows and programs, there is an abundance of opportunity to be creative and have fun while working on multiple projects each week.

The internship is for 400 hours at a rate of $12 per hour, providing a valuable opportunity to develop skills and learn about digital marketing strategies and implementation.

This opportunity is open to college students majoring in Marketing, Communications, Graphic or Video Production. Technical knowledge in video editing and photography will be important in this role. Familiarity with the various social media platforms is a must. We are looking for someone to bring their own ideas and experience to this role, and in turn be mentored by our existing marketing team.