Board of Directors

Michelle Eastman


Kelley DeCesaro


Lisa-Marie Pulley


Lauragail Gamble

VP Programming

Amanda Maier

VP Communications

Holli McCormick

VP Sponsorships

Justine Hedge

VP Membership

Megan Stewart

Director of Surveys

Jessica Atherton

VP of Executive Council

Toni Culbertson

Director of Volunteers

Tristan Carter

Director of Awards

Angela Cato

Director of Special Interest Groups

Dannielle Fisher

AMA Wichita Ambassador

Danielle Wallace

Director of Logistics

Will Horn

Director of Sponsorships

Tayler Miles

AMA Wichita Ambassador

Evan Fast

Director of Membership

A special thanks to T&J Studios for our 2019-20 AMA Wichita board member photos.